Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adjusting the secondaries on an Edelbrock AVS, how sensitive is the adjustment?

I have an Edelbrock 650 cfm offroad thunder carb, i have only adjusted the primary circuit so far.. Anyway my Jeep is running lean and it seams like it would benefit opening the secondaries a little earlier. In the end i will change the primaries anyway, i just want to know how the adjustment works..since i cant see anything move othe rthen the flapper|||Your best bet is to change the primaries first. then tweak the adjustment. It is very simple. , but if you must, losen the circuits adjustment screw, i am thinking its on the throtle linkage side near the top of the carb.., with the screw loose you will see the 2ndary flapper move... If yuou have a heavy vehicle or high gear 3:54 and lower(2:91 etc) you want it opening later since the vehicle might not be able to get out of its own way. however if you running lean and notice an improvemnt ...change the primaries jets so they are bigger... then move your adjustment back to where it was or till you like it.... Its just two screws and not that hard. Obiviously people should at least "google" Edelbrock 650 AVS , or look it it in a catalog first... before they answer....

--Good Luck|||Do you have manual or vacume secondaries ? And do you have an automatic trans, or a manual trans ? It makes a big difference, Use a vacume secondary for automatic,and a manual secondary for a manual trans !|||The adjustments are sensitive, I would get it to a reputable repair facility so you get a precise adjustment, the days of setting it properly yourself have been long gone.

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