Thursday, January 12, 2012

Edelbrock or Holley carb for stock 350 Chevy?

I currently am using a GM manifold, but also have a Performer intake.Edelbrock or Holley carb for stock 350 Chevy?
i think you,d like the way the edelbrock,and the way it kicks in a lot better and they stay tuned a whole lot better than a holley does,i own an edelbrock and i haven't touched the adjustment screws on it in months ,before that i had holley on it and i had to reset it every other day,and this is on a chevy s-10 with 350 in it,and the edelbrock to me is more economical as long as im not getting in it,good luck,and happy new years,
How do you have a GM and Edelbrock part at the same time? Intake=manifold...

Anyway, it depends what you're looking for. Holleys are good, but overrated and overpriced. Many Edelbrocks are rebadged Webers, which in my opinion are a superior product. Quadrajets are severely underrated, very affordable and can give great performance and driveability. I'm a big fan of using multiple two barrel carbs, and Rochesters are a dime a dozen, stone reliable, and can give you a lot of tuning options not available elsewhere.Edelbrock or Holley carb for stock 350 Chevy?
A matter of taste. IMHO, edlebrocks work better on top of edelbrock intakes. Holleys MAY work a little better on stock manifolds.
easy answer egr valve yes no ? stock 350, carbs ,edel,holly, egr yes no? gm manif. edel. perf. egr. yes no? don"t use egr with or without. motor will ping and blow!!!!!!!Edelbrock or Holley carb for stock 350 Chevy?
holley is better whe have two cab trucks an we have a holley carbs on them.. we have had a few edelbrock carbs but we aint had the best of luck with them to say the least
Edelbrock 600 cfm. Best bet for put on and forget street carb.

Not bad for street/strip cars eaither. I run one on my camaro down to 11.40's @118
Holley for the strip/edelbrock for the street.
For a single four barrel in street/strip use - go with the quadrajet.
go with a 450-650 holley on your stock motor
q.jet built correctly is great for the street.
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