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Edelbrock carburetor question?

I have a 1981 Chevy 1/2 ton pickup, and it's a bone stock 350. I junked the old quadrajet, and I purchased a new Edelbrock 4bbl 1405 carburetor with the adapter plate. I installed everything correctly, and now the truck won't start. It whips really fast, then begins popping and tries to start. The engine then lopes a little then dies. I tried adjusting the idle screws, but it didn't change anything. This is a brand new carb, what am I doing wrong? Thanks for the help!Edelbrock carburetor question?
if the truck ran with old carb then something wrong with the new one take it back were u got it, if u can't then check the floats in the carbs, if the carb got stored upside down the needle and seat may be stuck in the up position no fuel can get in the bowls....
Try putting the carb on your boat and then ask your question, or, you could try putting your question in the correct category.Edelbrock carburetor question?
Make sure the adaptor plate and carb base are setting on the manifold dead flat and the bolts/screws are all properly torqued. Are all the vacuum hoses/ports accounted for and connected. This sounds like an air leak, but the carb could be defective. Edelbrock ain't what it used to be. Try spraying carb cleaner down the bores while cranking it. If it wants to run it might be fuel starvation as was mentioned before. Good luck.
sounds like a major air leak somewhere thats where i would start...Edelbrock carburetor question?
Your timing gear spun.

I just got a edelbrock carburetor #1406 600 cfm electric choke!!?

I have a 85 chevy 305 5.0 ltr. v8 does any one know how to install an edelbrock? my original carb is a Qjet computer controlled!!! how do i replace with the edelbrock???? i dont care if its not emission legal i just need some HELP PLEASE! Thanks!!I just got a edelbrock carburetor #1406 600 cfm electric choke!!?
Ya, Listen to the first guy. And if you still have trouble go to They'll have the answers there. They have a really good tech line.I just got a edelbrock carburetor #1406 600 cfm electric choke!!?
well lets see here you bought a carb and cant put it on because you need an adapter for the edelbrock to mate to your intake when you take off the quadrajet you will notice the base of the edelbrock is square and the base of the quadrajet is not so go back to the parts store and buy an adapter all you need to do is to remove the nut from the carb studs on the intake disconnect the fuel line and disconnect the electrical wires then you need to bolt the adapter on and then bolt the new edelbrock in its new home hook up your fuel line run a key on hot wire to the electric choke and you are ready to go pretty much the carb is adjusted out of the box
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  • What clydr heads should i run with edelbrock scorpion cam and intake? looking for around 450 horses. thanks?

    bought a 85 s-10 with a 350 in it. every seal was leaking and had a bad tranny so i pulled everything and while its out im going to drop some $ in it. have the cam and intake from my old truck but want something thats going to pair up nicely. thanks for the help.What clydr heads should i run with edelbrock scorpion cam and intake? looking for around 450 horses. thanks?
    dart sportsmans.

    or better yet look for some vortecs from a late model chevy pickup.

    Some come with 2.05 valves.

    I have also heard of stock car racers using 305 heads 416 casting and getting more compression due to the smaller combustion chambers.a little work to debur the edges to make sure there is no sharp edges in the combustion chamber is all that is needed.make sure you toss some headers in it as well.A higher stall converter wont also be a bad investment.What clydr heads should i run with edelbrock scorpion cam and intake? looking for around 450 horses. thanks?
    Todd, the dart sportsmans are very outdated.

    If you want to keep your intake then vortec heads are out of the question (although 96-00 350 vortec heads are one of the best street, street/strip heads, flowing better than alot of aftermarket heads)

    I recommend Brodix IK 180's or canfield 195 heads. Both runns around $1000-1100 for the ready to run pair, buth worth it. They will make about 80 HP more than stock older heads, about 30-40 HP more than vortec heads

    I would really think about a diff intake too. IIRC thats a very old single plane med rise intake.

    You will make power useable power with a med to tall rise dual plane intake like the edelbrock rpm, rpm air gap, pro products crosswinds, etc intake

    What is the best aftermarket cam to put in a 351m.Half ton pickup,machined heads,4bbl edelbrock headers.?

    send me ur wallet

    How can i find the instructions to a flowmaster edelbrock king k-3108 scooter?

    Check with a store that sells it. Good luck.

    Edelbrock carburetor not working correctly?

    My car wont run unless I pump the accelerator it wont idle or stay at a certain rpm. I rebuilt my carburetor and adjusted the floats because the carburetor was flooding my engine. Its a 600 cfm edelbrock carburetor about 4 years old. The engine is brand new just installed into my car. Every thing on my mustang is brand new from fuel pump, fuel lines to transmission and motor. The car is a 1982. Nothing is used all brand new.Edelbrock carburetor not working correctly?
    you need to adjust the idle screws on the carb if you didn't do it, let the car warm up and turn idle screws in all the way until they lightly seat then back each one out 1.5 turns, hook up a tachometer or a vacuum gauge and then turn each screw in or out until you get the highest reading on the gauge and their set, next set the idle screw on the carb where the linkage hooks up to about 900 to 1,000 RPM.Edelbrock carburetor not working correctly?
    did you adjust air mixture screw out 3 turns an do you have cock set right an bas idal set

    Where can I find a Edelbrock 1910 Q-Jet Carburetor to buy online?

    ebay can be cheap .....other than that try jcwhitney.comWhere can I find a Edelbrock 1910 Q-Jet Carburetor to buy online?
    try e-bay and if not there go to google,dogpile,etc. and type it in. If you cant find it there, then ask your local mechanic if he could find one for you.Where can I find a Edelbrock 1910 Q-Jet Carburetor to buy online?
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